Changz Hot Sauces


A hand crafted all natural blend of Australian grown produce with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, Changz Hot Sauce is made using only the finest quality market fresh produce and bottled by hand in Melbourne.

We aim to deliver the very highest quality product each and every time and understand that consistency is key in doing so. Our sauce is carefully prepared with love by our two chefs in a commercial kitchen space using quality equipment, our cooking methods and recipes are followed strictly to ensure our customers have the same experience each and every time they open a bottle of Changz – with the obvious exception of varied produce following seasonal changes.

We keep our sauce honest and packed with flavour holding the perfect balance between complex flavour profile and heat presence.

You can find our RANGE OF SAUCES at some of the best burger joints in the country, mexican taqueria venues, fine food grocers, specialist sweet shops, IGA outlets, quality butchers and bottle shops – click HERE for more.